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Gletcher UZM .177 BB

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Quick Overview


Pneumatic submachine gun. Caliber .177 BB

The thrill of shooting a Gletcher UZM is unbeatable. The design of the weapon retains the detail and authenticity of the original. The ability to reload the magazine in just a few seconds, a realistic Blowback system, and full auto all contribute to an authentic shooting experience. The Gletcher UZM also includes a folding stock and the ability to be partially disassembled. Similar to the original, it has an adjustable diopter rear sight.


Folding metal stock


The Gletcher UZM is equipped with a folding metal stock. It can be used in the open position with the butt stock resting on the shoulder or in the folded position and held by its handle.


Full metal


Without knowing, it would be hard to distinguish between the original firearm and the Gletcher UZM. Even the high capacity magazine is made of metal and has a similar weight to the original.


Full auto


This full auto submachine gun is a member of a separate class of small arms which originated during World War I and reached its pinnacle during World War II. Although many models of submachine gun were introduced after WWII, this model gained worldwide acclaim as a weapon for military, elite forces, and security services. Its compact size, ease of use, and simple design made this one of the most popular submachine guns in the world, selling more units than any other model.


Blowback system


A marvel of our our pneumatic submachine gun is that it also has a blowback system. The feel when firing the UZM is remarkably similar to the original. Before the first shot the UZM’s bolt must be cocked. And after the last shot in the magazine is expelled, the Gletcher UZM will catch the bolt and lock its movement.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Gletcher
Color Black
Size N/A
Call For Price No

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