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Speer Lawman 9mm 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50/1000

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Quick Overview

Speer Lawman 9mm 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket Ammo.

• Speer TMJ® or conventional FMJ bullets
• Brass cartridge case
• Powders match to the performance level
• Famous CCI® Primers


Lawman—Quality and Performance for Training

Speer® brought sport shooters and law enforcement the excellence of Lawman® over 35 years ago. Back in 1968, the line included all our centerfire handgun ammunition, and quickly earned a reputation as a high-performance and reliable product.
Today, the evolution of the Speer ammunition lines has let us differentiate the ammunition by use. Lawman encompasses all our brass-case, general purpose ammunition. Bullets are either Speer TMJ® or conventional full metal jacket depending on the product. There are times you don’t need a hollow point bullet, like when target shooting, training, or out for an afternoon of plinking. Lawman is right at home.
Lawman is attractively priced, and the cases are reloadable. We load clean-burning propellants and reliable CCI® primers to complete the package. Many Lawman loads

duplicate the velocities and bullet weights we load in Gold Dot® so your practice is realistic. Lawman is made in calibers from 25 Auto through 45 Auto.
Shooters have trusted Lawman for over a third of a century. Today, it's earning the trust of new generations of shooters.


Part Number Cartridge
Bullet Wt. Bullet Type Box Count Bullet Coefficient
53620 9mm Luger 147 TMJ FN 50 0.165


Velocity(in feet per second) Energy (in foot pounds)
Muzzle 50 yards 100 yards Muzzle 50 yards 100 yards
985 932 888 317 284 257


Trajectory if sighted at 25 yards Test Barrel Length in inches Usage
25 yards
50 yards
75 yards
100 yards
0.0 -1.5 -5.5 -12.0 4 2

Additional Information

UPC 076683536204
Manufacturer Speer
MPN 53620
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